Toyland (Germn short film)

Toyland (2007) - (Germany)
(German audio with forced english subtitles on this one)

This movie is about a little German boy Heinrich who has a truly nice human spirit (and if rightly raised with his seeming at this age lovely natural goodness intact would make a great man to even lead the planet I suppose - in fact he reminds me of my French son Andrew who at about the age of four - the last time I saw him twenty years ago now, as they both look and sound quite similarly natured I believe).

Fräulein Julia Jäger who plays his mother , seems too often mistaken for a Jew in this clip, probably due to her features of having dark hair mainly I believe which is why she is in constant need of her identity papers. She quite apparently too shows great human spirit too in caring for the boy in question.

This interesting short tells us that if you mislead this young fella into thinking that Jews in his neighbourhood are headed for some idyllic place for kids (such as "Toyland" as his mother meaning well tells him they are headed to) then he might just misguidedly want to tag along with them on the train to where it is they are actually going instead.

Oh well, all's well that ends well, I couldn't have borne to see any other outcome but that this great young boy is rescued in the end.

Michael Rizzo Chessman