Under Seige (1992)

starring Steven Seagal, Ms. Erika Eleniak
Ms Dyan Cannon

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This is an exciting action packed movie m no doubt - co-stars the
most beautiful woman imaginable Ms. Erika Eleniak of German-
Ukrainian heritage - now at top of our related site at

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A movie about a terrorist hi-jack of a US battleship with Steven Seagal -
martial arts expert on board as ships cook - and dear Mr. Erika Eleniak
helping out in the battle of wits. Stars Tommy Lee Jones and is quite an
interesting action packed movie for fans of this thriller type genre of
adventure on the high seas.

Includes the most breathtaking and fulfilling sight of a topless woman I
have ever been blessed o behold. Incredible!!!! Thank you god!!.
Amen - for more such human spirited beauty for this impoverished
planet - speaking in spirit of the best christianly virtue that is!

Enjoy and please keep this seeded - it has all the merit there could be
of this movie genre!!!

Michael Rizzo Chessman