Upstairs downstairs        Lovely Hazel Bellamy - Upstairs Downstairs

"Upstairs Downstairs" - 1971-1975 Series
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This very popular TV series depicting British culture as observed in
days gone by, is a "must have" for all folks on the planet to own in their
personal libraries.

There is much to learn by watching and listening to these people and
considering perhaps your own views of how you would think and act in
the situations shown.

Lovely "Hazel Bellamy" says at one point in the show "we are driving each
other insane simply by existing" Well that should change as we simply
allow everyone to act as naturally human and sensibly in that regard  
without being forced into seemingly un-natural displays of political
correctness observances and maintaining a kowtow to what's generally
required of opinions and structures of thought patterning instead. Ultimately
the British give us the best example of what we can do with our sanest minds
engaged so as to once again allow free expression of christianly ideas
including those of freedom of association on the planet I say Please share
this important material for all affected on the planet - with thanks

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(Proudly British in the best of spirits I sincerely submit)

You can download our complete set of English subtitles (with one click
at the links below) which we have proofed from beginning to end by watching
the episodes in full and fixing all encountered errors in spelling, missing
lines at times, and with sync and timing corrections where needed.

Our Complete Upstairs Downstairs 1971-1975 Series ENGlish subtitles
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