Michael Moore - where to invade next

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This is a lovely documentary from famed Documentary leader/producer Mr. Michael Moore who previously gave us a hit with "Bowling for Columbine" about a gun crazed culture in the US where even known to be dangerous types have been allowed free access to weapons there - with little regard to reason or sanity quite obviously -
as the whole world can see.

In this documentary Mr. Michael Moore suggests that the USA turn over a new leaf from needless wars costing trillions and the loss of life related - for which we have nothing to show for this insanity of a "Bush mindset" more focused on "testing weapons" on innocent people (Sir George Galloway speaks to this horrendous crime in clips posted at our
websites on the net) and causing degradation of the human spirit which will certainly be his undoing - he asked for it and I know the world will see a final solution to this ever happening again to human beings where no merit is involved in perpetrating such inane cruelty of a questionable mindset in respect of sanity as was shown here.

Instead Moore suggests we lean from great human beings who clearly as shown in this video have human sanity with such beautiful idealism that Michael Moore comments at the outset makes him a great fan in Italy it seems for sure! (and then Germany too and elsewhere he takes us on his journeys)

Italy could become the global powerhouse in world scale production as is shown arguably in this video and with great people and capacity being all in place for sane folks to choose to deal with instead who like such ideas fort the planet.

There is no reason for Germany to have lost its base to China in this respect - Germany and Italy and France have always produced the very best in quality throughout Europe - so has the USA previously

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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