White Material (2009) Isabelle Huppert - France

"Latin quote: Terra salutiferas herbas, eademque nocentes
Nutrit, et
urticae proxima saepe rosa est.
"The same earth nourishes health-giving plants - and
injurious plants and the rose is often close to the nettle"

Latin quote: Commune periculum concordium parit
"Common danger produces agreement"

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Latin quote: Stultitiam dissimulare non potes nisi taci-turnitate
"You conceal folly when you silence the voices of dissent of actually
more merited thinkers instead"

"Suum cuique pelchrum"
Translated: "To every man, it is his own kind which is ultimately beautiful to his own mind"

Denver Film Critics Society 2011 Nominee Best Foreign Language Film
National Board of Review, USA 2010 Winner NBR Award Top Five Foreign Films

This movie tells the story of a fight for basic existence and survival
in Africa is for a French family living there at a point int time in
order to farm for coffee exports.

Stars the great genius of Mme Isabelle Huppert whose great acting and presence should bring a great deal of empathy and sense of caring for her on the part of her audience in the grief she is confronted with and her suffering generally at odds with her environment given the conflicts continually shown as are inevitable one might suppose, given the racial divide that is depicted on that continent equally I suppose, as the planet increases in further
polarizaing, agitating and instigating along with clearly inciting seeming influences all around.

Michael Rizzo Chessman