White Mischief (1988)
  Ms. Greta Scacchi, Charles Dance, Joss Ackland 

Difficillia quae pulchra
"(the beautiful is difficult of attainment)"

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White Mischief is the loveliest (British genre) movie that was abandoned by the industry in the north American market decades ;ago and never released onto DVD in NTSC form as the producers simply felt there was no money to be made in offering a movie ;with the most beautiful female star there will ever be imaginable in the human psyche, as alas they failed to appreciate that this ;quality had any relative worth perhaps.

Whatever the inane reasoning, its the most stupid decision ever made by the cowboys of Hollywood, depriving Ms. Scacchi of potentially millions of what was her due, perhaps based on her refusal of the casting couch after the fact, or perhaps based on widespread envy of her supreme beauty. in any event i would have paid for it gladly, it cost  almost fifty bucks (cdn) to purchase this German copy on ebay, and I was happy enough to just get my hands on it as I have never been more in love ever - than with the loveliest woman of all - Greta Scacchi in her role here. I'm hoping to get her a sweetheart deal worth a real fortune to give us autographs after we get this into the court of public opinion to see how much she is owed for ;the loss of revenue by accountants that have no sense of bottom line revenue potential, let alone insanely supreme beauty. Someone ;oughta lose their job, thats fer shure!

Movie summary: "The mores of exchanging sexual favours for money while leaving love behind is something that will forever be a challenge if not put into perspective and ensuring a distribution of "resources" based on merit to avoid travesty. That's my take on it however it would be a bit of a stretch for most people to see this in the movie at this point as the ultimate lesson we have to learn. May the best man win, and lets make it possible for him to enjoy his victory to the fullest rather than having to compromise with the dictates of lesser beings in respect of actual merit."

Michael Rizzo Chessman