Tamen poetis mentiri licet
"Nevertheless, it is allowed of poets - to lie"

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This interesting movie from the height of the apartheid regime era in South Africa tells the tale of Michael Caine and his Lawyer/activist wife,(Miss Prunelle Gee) shielding fugitive Sidney Poitier in a chase by Police and army across the country carrying diamonds not meant to fall into the hands of the black opposition, and finally ending at the Border with nearby Botswana.

The Dutch Major on the chase of the fleeing trio played by Mr.Nicol Williamson who recently died in Amsterdam at his home there additionally, declares that he is never going to be put on a boat by a Zulu tribe member instead and sent off from the country he has built along with his people, in an exchange with a British copper who asks if it is the"same country" they are seeking to protect.

Michael Rizzo Chessman